Our top-quality brands are dedicated to providing reliable and innovative long-term solutions for every job

Our top-quality brands are dedicated to providing reliable and innovative long-term solutions

The Esdec Family of Brands

Founded in 2004 in the Netherlands by two PV installers, Esdec has since grown to become one of Europe’s leading rooftop racking manufacturers, spanning more than 16 countries with over 9.5 GW capacity installed across the continent. Esdec continues to thrive and develop its portfolio of fast-installing, economical mounting solutions for commercial and residential rooftops.

Phoenix Arizona-based EcoFasten was the first company to join the Esdec Solar Group, in October of 2018. They continue to operate today as their own entity, selling a robust and innovative product line of rooftop PV mounts and racking systems directly to installers and via distribution channels.

IronRidge helped to pioneer solar mounting systems in the mid 1990’s and went on to grow into an industry-leading manufacturer of rooftop racking systems. After being acquired by Esdec in 2019, IronRidge has continued to operate from its Hayward, CA headquarters as an independent business unit with its own team, unique product lines, and sales channels.

Since its founding in 2006, Quick Mount PV has advanced rooftop solar through its high-quality waterproof roof attachments and quality racking systems. Today the brand is managed by IronRidge, who continues to sell the popular product line through their extensive distribution channels.

Esdec Solar Group seeks to position itself as a top ballasted and rail-based rooftop PV systems provider throughout India. Beginning in 2020, the company has developed regional supply chains in India and partnered  distribution and services. Popular Esdec systems have been re-engineered and adapted for installation in the region.

PanelClaw is a global expert focusing exclusively on flat roof PV structures. The company has gigawatts of experience engineering fixed, matrix, and ballasted applications and is the C&I market share leader in the United States. Acquired by the Esdec Solar Group in 2020, Massachusetts-based PanelClaw continues to operate as an independent entity with a focus on directly serving commercial and industrial solar integrators.

Solar Construct Nederland is a Dutch manufacturer of innovative mounting systems offering solutions to install quick, effective, and safe solar arrays on every type of roof. With the promise of “Keeping It Simple”, the customer is guaranteed fewer components with 100% safety.

Solarstell develops and manufacturers high quality PV racking systems for pitched roof, commercial and industrial and ground mounted applications. Acquired by the Esdec Solar Group in 2021, the company continues to operate as an independent business unit from its headquarters in Zwolle, Netherlands.