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Solar installers depend on our top-quality brands in Europe, North America, and Asia to reliably secure more than 7.5 Gigawatts of solar per year on residential, commercial, and industrial roofs. Our hardware is warranted for 20 years and tested to the highest standards to withstand monsoons in India, 120-degree heat in Arizona, and freezing temperatures in North America and Europe. A global manufacturing footprint and commitment to supplier management provides the necessary scalability to keep pace with the incredible growth of the industry. 


We are deeply committed to exceptional service and long-term partnerships. Our companies recognize the value of integrity when it comes to our customers as well as our supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing partners. We collaborate closely with installers to develop products that address their specific needs. Over 300 employees around the globe provide responsive technical support, job-site product training, and wholesale channel services. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the tools and services they need to become successful Solar Heroes. 


Esdec Solar Group companies have played foundational roles in developing modern rooftop PV. EcoFasten Solar and Quick Mount PV pioneered the integration of waterproof flashing with roof anchoring systems, while IronRidge and PanelClaw were the first residential and flat roof companies to integrate electrical bonding technology as a standard racking feature. Esdec’s FlatFix Wave is the first ballasted system to enable tool-free installation of solar modules. Today Esdec Solar Group engineers leverage innovations and expertise across channels, sharing over 150 patents in the development of innovative new hardware and software solutions.

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The Esdec Solar Group includes leaders in the global rooftop PV racking sphere. Our companies offer a comprehensive suite of products available through convenient channels.

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The Esdec Story

The company was started in 2004 by solar installers in the Netherlands and has grown to be the global leader in high-quality rooftop solar racking and mounting solutions. Our companies’ hardware secures millions of solar panels in Europe, North America, and Asia-  and we’re just getting started.

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